Our Process

Wealth management is about providing simplified guidance through the markets and through individual challenges. Our team works through a 4-step process so that we can manage complex strategies with clarity, ensuring that everything we do is in the best interest of the client.

Step 1 Shared Understanding

In our initial discussion, our team of advisors and portfolio managers collects your financial information, and we get to know your unique story.

We also walk you through our service approach, our people and our investment strengths, while we learn more about your:

  • Goals for return & yield
  • Liquidity needs
  • Tax concerns
  • Risk tolerance
  • Current income

All this enables us to align your financial situation with the most appropriate investment strategy.

Step 2 Developing an Investment Plan

In order to build your portfolio and create an Investment Policy Statement, we explore a number of varied resources. Our aim is to reach the income and growth you need without exceeding your risk limits, through:

  • Cost-efficiency review of investment options
  • Explanation of strategies to meet your objectives
  • Detailed info on how much risk you can take on
  • Outline monitoring and re-balancing process
  • Internal & external managers
  • Multiple sources for research

Step 3 Review and Forward Thinking

This is where we start to educate and inform, a commitment that runs through all our client relationships. In this review session, you have the opportunity to clarify all the details of your investment plan, its implementation, and the goals you’ve shared.

We take the time to make sure you know what you are invested in, why you are invested in it and how it is benefitting you.

We walk you through:

  • Your custom asset mix
  • Investments & allocation
  • Deployment timeline
  • Your investment objectives
  • Maintenance plan
  • Financial details
  • Other opportunities
  • Fees and scheduling

Step 4 The 90-Day Principle

With your approval, we carry out our action plan and work toward full implementation within 90 days. We also ensure that your Relationship Manager is in contact with you at minimum once per 90 days. The strategies we design are dynamic enough to adapt to change, and it's our goal to meet with clients at least once a year.

On an ongoing basis, our team ensures that your asset mix and strategies are suitable and relevant to your financial situation, and we also:

  • Host semi-annual portfolio reviews
  • Monitor current market conditions
  • Review company, industry, market and global holdings
  • Evaluate and adjust investment plans
  • Hold conference calls
  • Provide quarterly newsletters featuring investment insights

The Unique Opportunities of Working with Perron & Partners

  • Get advice that's highly customized from a firm that's truly independent.
  • Strengthen your bottom line with both tax and cost control strategies.
  • Invest without limits on selection, research or personalization.
  • Benefit from multiple sources of idea generation.
  • Find your way through life's challenges with simplified guidance.
  • Stay sheltered from unnecessary risk with our approach to risk-adjusted returns.
  • Call our office and get an answer - every time.
  • Gain long-term stability for you and your family.
  • Look to 100+ years worth of investment insight.
  • Learn more through our conference calls, resources and newsletters.